Rosenkreuz World Order.

Recently an anime convention came to town and I decided to spread the good word that is Rosenkreuzstilette. Now, what would be the best way to do so? I could set up a booth. But the logistics, time, and money just ruled that out. What could I do to show everybody my fandom of this video game?

How about a t-shirt? That shouldn't be too difficult. (oy-vey.)

Making the images was pretty easy. Just took awhile to find a font that approximated the same look as the NWO logo from the 90's. (Bradly Hand ITC, I believe.) Did up a couple of images and went to a T-shirt shop my brother recommended.

And spent a good couple of hours being told what I wanted was too time consuming and very expensive. There were two other logos I made that had screen shots from the game as well. They said they would have to break down the images to put each color on a separate layer. About $20 a layer. You've all played the game, that would be way too much money.

I commented that I've seen kiosks in the mall that would take your picture and put on mugs and t-shirts. They said they couldn't do it and nobody in the area could.

My brother recommended another shop and they said the same thing. (I'm sensing a pattern.) However, they told me to check out a shop in the mall. The one I rarely go to because the only store I ever went in closed.

So, I gave them a call this time. They said yes, come on down. Bring all my material and they would help me out. Got there, the lady downloaded everything to her computer and said to comeback in a week because they were backlogged. A week later they showed me the final product. I was a little disappointed because it didn't turn out as good as I hoped. But hey, I ain't spending that kind of cash on a video game.



Paid for my shirts, (which now occupy space in my closet). Then went home and finished up that alternate music soundtrack.


(insert videos here)

Okay, so what the hell does an alternate music track have to do with an Anime Convention? I'll get to it.

There were several goals I set up for myself: First was to use songs of the same styling. What I mean by this is go play Megaman 9. Capcom used the Megaman 2 Stage Start in a game that uses the same feel as Megaman 6. I can hear the difference.

Second was to not use the most obvious songs. Like Toadman for Sichte's stage.

Third was to be able to justify the use of the song. Not just because I liked it.

(actually insert videos here)
As you can see, I epically failed miserably

Yes, I wound up using songs from all across the Megaman universe. From Complete Works, Powered Up, Arcade, Maverick Hunter X, to name a few. After about a day of trying to find a CW replacement for Replay Grolla, I gave up and went with Zero's Sacrifice from MH X. I discovered It really didn't matter if the styles didn't match, as long as it sounded close enough.
(I admit to being a little too anal about such things, like safe sex.)

So after that fateful decision, the whole thing came together rather quickly. Except for Talk Tears. I had forgotten about it until I did the last play through. CRAP! I could just leave it, but that isn't my style. So I go back into the Megaman music folder. By about this time I had heard all these songs several dozen times and was sick of them. I'm tired, cranky, and needed to make a call on the porcelain phone.

When I got back, playing through a random happen stance of random shuffling in Windows Media Player was Alia and Gate from MMX6. "Heh, That'll do."

Admittedly, I did use songs that I would have to contort myself into pretzel to justify. Like using Chargeman in Merkle's Stage. I could spend at least another 20 paragraphs comparing the similarities in attacks, or I can simply say, It's my favourite song from MM5, and I was desperate not to use Skullman or Woodman.

One thing I was trying to do for at least the regular stages was to use a song from Megaman One through Eight. I do have the soundtracks for Nine and Ten, but I don't find them interesting, and hey, Splash Woman is just too damn obvious. (Yes, I did use Toadman for Sichte's stage.)

Also, I actually used Geminiman for the Anime Convention, not Frostman Demo. Oh yeah, The Anime Convention, what does any of this have to do with the Anime Convention? Darn, ran out of time for this week.


Rosenkreuzstilette Combo Pack
Night before the Anime Convention.

SO now I'm done with the music. Changed them all out, screwed the pooch on a couple. Got the lengths correct to cover any looping issues, screwed the pooch on a couple. Even made sure the audio levels were the same through out, really screwed the pooch on that one. (I got one sore pooch.)

There's more. I decided to decode ALL the files in the alt-music version of Rosenkreuzstilette I'm putting together.

I did this purely for bonus reasons.

Hey, Why don't I throw in all the various versions of Rosenkreuzstilette? Well? Can't think of a reason why not. The easy part was finding the original Japanese and English Hack. They were in my video games folder. Just a quick copy paste. Lucky me Rosenkreuzstilette 2: Demo 2 was nearby so in it went. Now finding the original Rosenkreuzstilette Demo and Rosenkreuzstilette 2: Demo 1 was much harder. I finally found them on some very disreputable places that (unlike other sites) shall remain nameless here. Scanned them with anti-viruses, tested them out, scanned them again.

Next comes Nero. Burn, Baby, Burn! Until I get to disk 6. (Insert farting noise.) Apparently my DVD Burner took a total crap on me. Fortunately I have a backup. You see, for some reason, a movie will quit on me in one DVD-Rom, I just put it in another a keep going. So I finish up burning ten copies of the
Rosenkreuzstilette Combo Pack DVD

Of course I checked each and every disk to make sure it worked. (I just realized something: I never checked to make sure that they worked in XP, the most commonly installed OS in the world, what a crack head.)

I can kinda sorta guess what may be going through your mind: "He's made copies of the game, and is going to a convention. He's not seriously going to SELL them?"

No, of course not, I gave them away.

(I just had a Hotaru moment. I went through all that trouble to find those demos only to realize the two places I should have looked was erka:es and dlsite.

However, can't seem to find that original demo of Rosenkreuzstilette 2 anywhere that won't fire off my anti-virus.)


The Anime Convention, finally.

My alarm clock goes off right at the time I set it for: the crack of noon. I decided not to make the same mistake I had made previous years of going first thing many hours too early; and wait in line for too many hours with just the really fanatical people. You know, those that spent the previous night working on the most mind numbing painstaking detail of whatever costume they are wearing.

So I show up at the convention center with my newly minted T-shirt:

And the 10 DVDs I spent most of the night making in mind numbing painstaking detail.

Overall I had a good time. There was a lot of side areas set up for people to show off whatever. A couple of people reading palms. I was tempted, only to see if they could see that time when I was a kid and was bit by a Doberman.
(My Dad now has a couple of min-pins that love to chew on my hands.) There were plenty of those that would do some caricature of you in the anime style they were hawking. A couple were even using using the same style used in a certain Megaman Clone. Then I wondered into a discussion on drawing comics based on a simple word.

That word: taco.

I couldn't help myself, I had to chuckled under my breath. I came in at the very tail end of the class and it had ended almost as soon as I got there.
(I seem to have that effect on people.) A guy who could hear me asked what was so funny. I told him about it and another girl joined in and we remembered the glory days that was Bob and George.

Of course, any shill without even one ounce of self-respect would twist the conversation onto themselves and the wares they are hawking. So I told them all about my web site and Rosenkreuzstilette. The girl said she had heard of me, she then promptly left. (I seem to have that effect on people.) That meant she didn't get a copy of the Rosenkreuzstilette Combo Pack. One guy did take a copy.
(One down, 7 to go.) This guy was bored fan. He actually drove about two-hundred miles to be there. I only drove about twenty. After that, I left a couple copies of the DVD on the table in the back.

I went back to the dealer's area to check on a table that I had left a couple of copies on.
(Forgot to mention that, didn't I.) They were gone. Double checked every garbage can in a 50m radius to make sure they hadn't found their way in to one. Since I was next to the dealer's room, I went in.

I was pretty disappointed. Most everybody was selling just Deathnote, Naruto, Lucky Star, and Pokemon merch. The rare occasion I saw mecha, it was, of course, Gundam. What is it with Gundam? Does Big Box have some sort of death grip on Transformers? Anyway I did manage to give away another disk to a dealer. She liked my shirt. I think she actually translated it.

Later on I somehow got into a conversation with a group of kids, boy was that a hard conversion. I don't know how teachers can handle it. But I managed to get through my presentation and hand out two more copies.

Walking around some more I got my attention put in a figure four leg lock by the AMV room. I just sat down and watched it for an hour. One I remember was the Deathnote opening with Lucky Star characters. Picture Konata catching a bullet. It ended so I went back to the comic discussion room to check on the disks, they were still there. I left them and so I left.

Started with 10 copies of the Rosenkreuzstilette Combo Pack.

Went into other people's hands.

Taken off a table.

Still on a table.

Still in the chew toys that I call hands.

I'll be honest, I'll score myself a 60% success rate in giving them out.

That's right, I gave them away. 


Total episodes of the original Battlestar Galactica watched: all.
Total episodes of the new Battlestar Galactica watched: 2.

The first and last ones

Me? Giving away free copies of Rosenkreuzstilette? The guy that has shown nothing but utter disdain for those that even mention the name of a site where you can download it illegally? Have I so turned into such that believes it is so important to get people to play Rosenkreuzstilette that he would cheat Womi and Isemiya out of the hard earned cash they so richly deserve? And resort to diplomacy against a horde of people so mad they start busting down my door? (Actually, that's normal for around here.)

Read on.

Just after getting home from the convention, okay, several hours after the convention (I stopped by a bookstore to pick up the latest copy of Oh My Goddess,) I immediately went to to buy 8 copies of Rosenkreuzstilette.

Count 'em, 8.

It is a very laborious process. There's a lot of stuff you have to type in. I shop at the US Mint all the time, they don't ask for so much. (Probably because they already know.) To make matters worse: there's no option to buy more than one copy at a time. Adobe will let you buy multiple copies of Flash at once. Not DLsite. (Of course who in their right mind would buy 8 downloads of the same game? Fortunately for Womi and Isemiya I'm not afflicted by a right mind.)

AT first I made things worse for me. I closed my browser after the purchase was complete. On the third go through I accidently clicked on continue shopping, or one of the Rosenkreuzstilette logos and found I could just put the game into the shopping cart again. And when I start to fill out the form, the last entry drops down and all I have to is click on it.

I finished with number 5 (is alive!) and go through the process with download 6. Guess what? It didn't go through. Said my credit card was invalid.


I tried and tried again. Nothing, same error message. The next day, I try to fill up my gas tank, I had to go inside and get money out of the ATM to pay for it. DLsite had CRASHED MY CREDIT CARD!

After awhile, I was able to get to my bank and tell them my sob story. They said they couldn't help me even though their name is on the card. But they would try none the less. They called up the help number on card. After giving the tech support guru my mom's maiden name, my dad's mom's maiden name, my mom's mom's maiden name, my dad's mom's mom's maiden name, a sample of blood, and the right's to any progeny of their choosing. (They originally wanted the web site, I said nuh-uh.) So they re-activated my card anyway.

To test this, I went home and finished buying the last three copies of Rosenkreuzstilette. Worked like a Swiss, car.

The reason my card was turned off is that the people I pay through the card to protect it saw that since someone was buying a lot of copies of the same thing off a web site that also sells some rather unsavory material is a clear sign that the card had been stolen. I'm glad they're there looking out for me and earning that 56 cents a month I pay them. (No kidding!)

An interesting note: despite the nature of the material sold at, they are an upstanding company to work with. I have gotten zero spam as a result, and I haven't gotten any mysterious charges since.


A Slight Deviation in Plans

Another Anime Convention rolled into town. So I dig out the RKS T-shirt, (the white one this time,) and dig in the back of my car and found the last two copies of the Rosenkreuzstilette Combo Pack that had been sitting under the Burger Bling wrappers fermenting in 90 degree heat for two months.

Bought a ticket and went in. (NO one will be seated during the suspenseful buying a ticket and going through a door sequence.) I was very impressed with this one. I had been to it years ago, but left only after a half hour. (I had just been to Sakura-Con prior, hard to measure up to that.) The one years ago was just one hallway and no dealers. This time it was much bigger than the one I went to in June, many dealers, one guy actually had a Transformer, and the age of the females in chain mail bikinis was at least 20, and tall, and slender.

While walking around, I managed to talk one person into trying out the Rosenkreuzstilette Combo Pack and left one on a table by the front door. Hours later of staring luridly at the 20-somethings and getting my ass kicked at Super Mario World it was time to leave. I made sure to look at the table and the disk was gone, not into the trash cans. I only checked the several local ones, not every one, don't want to seem too weird. Which is actually easier than you think despite the circumstances of being at an anime convention.

So now I can brag about having an 80% success rate. But first,


Just Give 'em the Money.
"...I myself would probably do the same thing, but I think I'll wait and purchase one copy of Freudenstachel should it ever see a release on DLsite. (I'd by multiple, but I'd rather donate 8 copies worth of money to [erka:es] themselves, since it would not consume as much time.)"

The point I got from this comment from Mr. Justin Satiable that's it's easier, simpler, cheaper, and smarter to just pay Isemiya and Womi directly. He's right. I have no argument with that logic. I'm not going to.

However, I have reasons for why I did the things I did. First of all I had two goals: One was to get more people playing Rosenkreuzstilette. Two: get more people buying Rosenkreuzstilette.

While Isemiya and Womi no doubt would appreciate a direct donation, It doesn't really accomplish my goals. I'm not saying don't give, go ahead. It doesn't translate into a group of people buying the game, therefore doesn't encourage Isemiya and Womi to make Rosenkreuzstilette 2.

"Thanks for your support, but you're the only one playing the game, So we can no longer spend the resources in development of this franchise.
" I'm just imagining this is what they would say. I'm pretty sure this is the standard response RFX Interactive gives to those badgering them for Lady Sia 2.

I could always go to DLsite and buy ten copies and keep them for myself. While that gives Isemiya and Womi their money, I'm just too honest and won't inflate the numbers like that. Still, it doesn't get more people playing the game.

Why is that one component so important? How do you think this whole fan community sprung up? One guy found the game. Talked about. People reading his forum saw it and got the game and played it. They like it and did some fan art. Some guys that did fan art, and wrote fan fics saw it. Wrote their own fan fics and other people on those sites got the game. One of these guys had a spare hard drive and sold it an auction. And Bob's my uncle. (Really.)

No doubt that me and a bunch of others had an effect. I always felt there was more I could do. I was going to the Anime Convention anyways. Might as well and see if I can get anybody to listen to me proselytize about Rosenkreuzstilette and at least take a copy to shut me up. (I could say something snarky about those that go do to door and try and get people to read their magazines, but I'm sure they [one] come to this site too and I don't need to drive off any more fans.)

I found an interesting tidbit: more people (one) had heard of my site than had ever heard of Rosenkreuzstilette. I found a new audience. And maybe, those 10 people, will go out and tell ten more.

'Cause if they don't, bad luck is sure to follow.