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I was at an auction when a tray of hard drives came up. Most hard drives are made up of aluminum, and aluminum is about 30 cents a pound. I have torn hard drives apart before and know that there is a lot of iron in them. That drops the price to about 20 cents, there was ten hard drives, the auctioneer said "Two dollars!" I raised my hand and the auctioneer said "SOLD!" Then the math caught up. I still had to pay commission and sales tax. I was already in the hole on this deal. I paid my bill and hoped that maybe there was something useful on them.
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  Rosenkreuz Stilette 2: Electric Boogaloo RKS 2: Teh search for more references

When I first started Googling Rosenkreuzstilette all kinds of forums and wotnot came up with all kinds of references to Megaman and Castlevania. I wanted to join in, but by the time I discovered this game in 2009, all of the really good ones had been sniffed out already. Plus I noticed that people were taking reference hunting a little too seriously. So seriously in fact all I can do at this point is to riff at it.
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Rosenkreuzstilette 3: Hacking away Rosenkreuzstilette 3:Musical chairs

New hero. Freudia's move set is identical to Spiritia's, but her game is much harder. You have a limited supply of you own weapon. Freu's weapon is altered by the bosses she defeats. Think Zero. Many people compare Grolla to Zero, duh hard to miss. But look at the way Freu's and Zero's weapons are enhanced by beating bosses. What I'm liking the most is the stage design.Winds blowing you around in Liebea's stage, blood rain and bloody floors in Grolla's, to the use of those infernal disappearing bricks in Zorne's.
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Rosenkreuzstilette 4: I'm trying to corner the market on these names Rosenkreuzstilette 4: I ain't tired of it yet

Now I have already gone into excruciating detail on how to change the music in this wonderful game, Rosenkreuzstilette. There was actually another hack that I had, (which I no doubt you already did,) discovered. That is editing the graphics. That thought came to mind while looking through the files for Megaman 7: 8-Bit. All the graphics are laid out in an easily viewable manner. Plus openable in MS Paint. Though I never tried any edits. I just wasn't interested. Rosenkreuzstilette on the other hand...
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Rosenkreuzstilette 5: Conventioneering Rosenkreuzstilette 5: Inconventionable.

Yes, I wound up using songs from all across the Megaman universe. From Complete Works, Powered Up, Arcade, Maverick Hunter X, to name a few. After about a day of trying to find a CW replacement for Replay Grolla, I gave up and went with Zero's Sacrifice from MH X. I discovered It really didn't matter if the styles didn't match, as long as it sounded close enough.
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