Hatred in the name of RKS.


For some reason RKS has generated a tremendous amount of hatred. Am I talking about people who played the game and don't like it? No. People who haven't played the game and don't like it? No. Church groups? Nope. Atheists? Nada. It is fans of RKS poisoning the internet with comments on forums and blogs.

Who are these fans? They are people that have appointed themselves the elite. Their words are the only opinions allowed. Their art is the only consideration. Their fanfics are the only just and true. They are the elite fans, or as I like the call them: the Magnificent Fans. (MFers for short.)

What are the MFers talking about? Pirates uploading the game to free download sites? No. People hacking the game and filling it full of viruses? Nope. People having taken credit for making the game? Nada.

The first thing that sets off these Magnificent Fans is fan art that they didn't create in the first place. They wouldn't call it crap, but they call it crap. They go to sites that host art and trash all that is not in the same exact style used in RKS. Completely ignorant of the fact that RKS uses several animation styles. Apparently the MFers never read any comic books. Often fan art is published in mainstream books. I flipped through an old issue of Sonic the Hedgehog. A page dedicated to people as young as ten able to draw really well, and those who don't draw so good. You see, the professionals at Archie appreciate their fans and the time and effort it takes to do fan art. And the bravery it takes to send off one's work to get reviewed that may never even get looked at in the first place. Posting on the internet is even braver. There are people who sole purpose is to take a dump on those who are not to the Magnificent Fans standards.

While on this subject, if you happen to have the Saturn Version Of Megaman 8, there is a fan art section. By the way, most of the robot masters Capcom chose are from fan art.

Now away from fan art and into the next item that sends the MFers into wild fits. They get out the venom-fuel flame cannons for this. What is it? Fanfics. You read that right. Fanfics. The Mfers hate fanfics they don't write themselves. Some of the stuff that is said goes beyond the pale. Rosie O'Donnell would tell these people to chill out. If you decide to give say Luste an older brother, you're a retard. (Their word.) You'd be lucky to get called just that.

You know all those Star Wars and Star Trek books? All fanfics. They are officially sanctioned, but that doesn't mean even Bill Shatner follows the exact characterizing of CPT Kirk.

The people that do the fanwork based on RKS are accused of distorting the game. That someone might happen across one of these fanfics is a complete idiot and not know what Google is. I do know and tried it out. Hilarity ensued. A couple of the people that were falsely accused of stealing RKS through their fanfics actually placed higher, A LOT higher, than the MFers forums. Now the Magnificent Fans will say "See, this proves it, we must seek out and destroy these retards (once again, I am quoting them) because they are ruining RKS!" You guys are smart, you tells us so all the time, and of course a smart person will listen when someone who wasn't sick the day the computer class talked about Google tells you about it.

One of the methodologies (I spelled that right one the first try) that Google uses to rank pages is what term or terms is used and what page is clicked on. So when the MFers trash a site, people actually look it up, and go there. What is written all over these sites? Why  Rosenkreuzstilette . Also Google ranks sites by what common search terms appear on the page. These sites that are trashed are chocked full of the phrase  Rosenkreuzstilette . Funny things is, go to the haters sites and   Rosenkreuzstilette   rarely appears. So now you know another reason why I call them Magnificent Fans.


Now, I posit the theory that it is the MFers ruining RKS. Taking me for example, if I had seen some of this crap written by fans of other fans, I would have given up and never would have found out how to legally buy the game. I never would have found out how to hack the music.

We are all fans of RKS. We all have our on little ways of showing it. Some like drawing, some write, and some point of every little pixel that is a reference to another game. I am not asking we hold hands and sing "Kumbaya." I merely ask that we respect each other.

Hell, the guys that riffed "Artemis's Lover" respected the work and the guy who wrote it.



























So, what's that all about?

There were a couple of incidents that prompted all of that.

To start, when I first found and Googled RKS I came across sites that seemed to be genuinely interesting in getting the word and most importantly the facts out about this rather obscure Japanese video game. Telling us about good stuff wasn't good enough. Pointing us to what these sites thought was good or vastly improving fan work became secondary, in fact it became noexistant.

We got treated to to a constant barrage of how much the authors hated one site or another. I'm thinking the entire time:"Is there nothing positive in the world of RKS? Why are you going to places you hate so much? On top of that telling us about it? And linking to it? All that does is encourage people to go there and check it out for themselves."

Oh wait, we don't have to go to the sites being trashed, the trashers are taking graphics off of the sites they are trashing and posting them on their sites. And then accusing these other people of stealing.

This goes on for months, I could of sworn at one time the site actually did have the phrase "RKS." If you scroll back far enough.

So now we have incident number one. Some guy thought there was a similarity in RKS to his favourite cartoon show: Count Duckula. I thought it was silly, not really worth noting. More precisely worth ignoring, and deleting.

How wrong I was. We get treated to a long, rambling, incoherent, babble fest of venom spewing over some guy just showing his fandom of a game he likes. To sum up, Count Duckula was pretty much accused of stealing the whole damn game and everybody else's fanworks.

So I do my research, which was made easy because links to Count Duckula were provided. I followed them. You see, I didn't know a thing about this fan, I didn't even really care about him. I'd see him post once in while, like 99% of everybody else, I never clicked on the links he'd put in his name. Until now.

I quickly discovered that everything Count Duckula had been accused of was based in lies and hypocrisies. I went to his sites, and found that he had indeed credited every source he had ever used. Even the other fans' material. That's where the hypocrisy comes in. The guy trashing Count Duckula has repeatedly taken graphics from the game, and other fans' work and posted it on his site.

I was already to go then with my response, But Count Duckula decide to be friends with the people trashing him. I held back, thinking that the whole while that it was a mistake for him to do so. I have been down the suck up road before, it's a dead end.

I was right.

In the ensuing months nothing changed. Other fans were being trashed and pushed away from the game. We were treated to a constant stream of catty remarks about Count Duckula.

Then another blow up happened. Some over eager fan thought there was a similarity to Friday the 13th: The Series. You know, Count Duckula had absolutely nothing to do with it. Yet the cauldron was pulled out, filled with venom, heated to skin peeling, and he was dipped into it.

I have had enough. I followed my own advice about not going to places I don't like. I no longer liked these so-called "fan" sites. So: "ahn-nyong-hee ga-se-yo." (I think that's correct.)

I then wrote all that above, and never looked back. I do not regret what I said, I stand by what I said. No apologies. I just wish I said it earlier.

Any wonder I never participated in "Reference Hunting?"




























You're still here? Here's a little note: did you notice what I didn't do? Give real names or link to anything. The exact opposite of what the magnificent fans and the other trashers do. While there is absolutely nothing to fear about anybody getting any hits what-so-ever from my site, still, every link counts. And I'm not even going to promote them by using real names.

I also made sparing use of the phrase Rosenkreuzstilette as much as possible. It has been dragged through the mud enough. I tried very hard to aim my mud balls at the proper targets.

My language was harsh, but calculated to be many steps below what was said about "Count Duckula."